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Planning a space requires an understanding of the individuals that will live in them, and how the space is used.  Understanding our clients is a priority in which we discover personal tastes, traditions, personality, values, and intentions.  The space in the image to the right is a great room that would be used on a daily basis.  It needed to be casual in layout,  traditional in style, and offer a little bit of formality for social functions.  Another aspect to the space that needed more strategizing was the fireplace, and how we could improve it.  Before this fireplace was inset, and undermined by two bookcases filled with books and chotchkies.   What we decided to do was to outset the fireplace to make it a more prominent fixture, then applying architectural trim that matches the character of the rest of the home which made the look even more cohesive.  Making these changes allowed us to implement a nice sized television while redirecting and simplifying the wiring.  In the end, we created a space specifically tailored and customized for the owners.   The highest valuable aspect of decorating or designing spaces is creating a timeless esthetic that is overall cohesive with the rest of the home. 


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