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Front Center Elevation at Night.png

^Image above represents one of our current projects where the client asked for a prairie style home.  Scroll down for more photos 

Architectural Planning

The difference between a custom home and a speculative home is character.  A custom home which often requires architectural planning from its origination will benefit its owner in many ways.  Whereas a speculative home is designed for the desired market, but often is failed by its loss in overall cohesiveness, practicality and understanding of quintessential design principles.  With an architecturally planned custom home we get to apply every want and need while implementing design principals which produces timeless character. 

Danbury Kitchen Scene 13 Denoised.png

Planning a kitchen requires an understanding of its primary users, and how the space will function for them.  Then Adapting the style of the kitchen to the rest of the home is important in the initial architectural planning stage because the overall cohesiveness lends itself to timelessness. 

Kitchens and its relation to Architectural Planning:

1138 M Bath Denoised 2.png


Bathroom design like kitchen design is very complicated.  The second most used spaces in a home is the bathrooms because its a place with so many duties.   Traffic and flow is probably the most strategized aspect of the master bath.  A request was for a makeup vanity that is outfitted with storage, and specific lighting that is implanted between the water closet and entry to the master walk in closet.  Overall a smart design architecturally designed from the start. 

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